Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching Up, Reunions and Remembrances

It's been awhile since my last post here so I'm going to play some catch up and post some news. 

First things first -- the knee surgery from back in July appears to have been very successful. My surgeon prescribed 12 physical therapy visits, but my PT says it usually doesn't take that many and I've been for 6, so maybe one or two more. And dreams do come true!  Went in for my appointment this past Monday, and at the end my PT announced me "graduated."  I left there almost  leaping for joy! 

Now, for the exciting times -- my husband's 55th high school reunion was last a couple of weekends ago. Disclaimer: I did not graduate in 1955; Bob is 9 years older than me. His reunions give me the best feeling by being the youngest one there!  This year's committee outdid the last few. Although they graduated from Sunnyside High in Sunnyside, WA, the group rented a B&B on the banks of the Yakima River in Prosser, WA, a nearby town. The setting was absolutely lovely, and by having the grounds of the B&B all weekend, it was most relaxing and allowed us lots of time to visit and get reacquainted with old friends.


This is looking down river from the back of the B&B. The next photo is a look through the trees to the hills  off to the west near sunset.

You can see why everything here was so relaxing. Not all of us could stay at the B&B; so several couples stayed in town in hotels. Prosser is a small town, so at most it took 7 minutes to go from downtown to the B&B! 

Just before we left home for the reunion, I finished up ALL my materials for the first of two training sessions I would be conducting for our Mothers of Preschoolers leadership team this fall (MOPS) (Moreland MOPS Blog). WHEW! We hurried home on Monday with a couple of hours to spare before I had to be ready to go . . . and it all went so well. I guess that's the power of prayer because I was praying really hard that I'd let God speak through me, and He did! 

I suppose there's always something bittersweet in the midst of all our joy. The week before we left we lost two dear friends, both named Jim, both from cancer. One had been a long-time friend through my husband's Hudson car club and was the ultimate gentleman and friend. He died with throat cancer; he'd never smoked. The other friend was a member of our church and a respected member of the legal and educational community in Portland. A man for all seasons and all people, truly. He fell victim to a brain tumor very similar to the one that took Sen. Edward Kennedy from our country and his family. Both men were honored by friends and family in just the right way. 

So, you see we've been on a bit of a roll and riding emotions both high and low. Now, back to trying to bring life down to earth and to a more normal state. This brings me to reflect on how I need to shape up my exercising and paying attention to taking care of myself!

I thank my God every time I remember you.
Philippians 1:3

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