Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Ones

We were out today, husband and I, doing some errands here and there.  One place we stopped to do some shopping was replete with young moms with their kiddos of varying ages.  Some were toddlers, some were school age, and some were those always cute babies.  I commented several times, "Oh, look at that cutie!"  Or perhaps I'd smile and say hello to one of them.  Eventually, my husband commented that he bet I'd never seen an ugly infant or toddler before in my life.  I said I hadn't.

Well, this got me to thinking about babies in general.  How could something God created be anything but sweet, cute and cuddly when created in this amazingly tiny human form?  Granted some infants in the animal kingdom aren't all that cute.  But let's remember that we're talking our babies, the ones we women carry around for nine months and breath life into, and then swaddle, bathe, and change diaper, after diaper, after diaper!  OK, so they're not always cute, sweet and cuddly.  I'll admit that.

I was remembering the only child I had, a son now 38.  I'll never forget looking into those sky blue eyes the first time with that shock of black hair going in all directons.  I knew instantly I'd never seen and would never see again a more beatiful baby.  Did this child really come from me?  Could he be so perfect when I'm not?  And then I remembered that everything touched by God during creation is perfect at that moment.  It's the human part of us that takes it from perfect to imperfect in a variety of ways. 

For today let's think on the perfection of infants, their sweetness, their cuteness and their cuddlieness (is that a word?).  Enjoy your memories!

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