Monday, August 23, 2010

Memories in Transition

Some 27 years ago our family moved from Tennessee to Oregon.  I'd never lived anywhere other than Nashville, and moving over 2,000 miles away from all I'd ever know was somewhat daunting yet exciting.  We had everything packed into a Ryder truck which towed our pickup, and I followed behind with a 12-year old son, two dogs, houseplants and food.  Oh, yes, the cat was in the Ryder truck with dad.  It was an adventure in the making.

We made the decision to drive so our son could experience our country from Tennessee to Oregon.  It was also a first for me because I'd never traveled farther west than parts of Texas.  A book I'm reading, Time Is a River by Mary Alice Monroe, reminded me today of my first feelings as we drew nearer to Portland where we'd put down our roots. 

I'd never witnessed anything so magnificent.  I'd never felt so small.  We had entered the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway and as I looked on the Oregon and then the Washington sides of the Columbia River huge canyon walls rose to the sky as if there was no ending in sight for them.  The sunlight caused the rock to reflect an array of colors I'd never imagined.  Evergreens sprung up and seagulls, osprey and other birds flew across the water.  Could there possibly be any other place that could have made me feel so close to heaven?  Suddenly I experienced an insignificance in the midst of all this awesome beauty and the largeness of this country.  And then I was reminded that of course all this was possible -- it was after all God's creation.  He planned every minute detail, and He planned me in the middle of it all.  Thanks be to God!

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